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Real Estate and Probate

Dixon & Brooks, P.C., is a general practice law firm, and can meet most of your family’s needs for a lawyer. The two most common areas of law that your family is likely to encounter are real estate law and probate law.

Real Estate Law

When buying, selling or refinancing your home – your most valuable investment – you should have a lawyer by your side to protect that investment.

A couple of tips:

– When you sign a contract to buy or sell a home, it should have a clause that gives you a few business days to have it reviewed by a lawyer. Don’t miss out on that opportunity. Once those days have expired, it’s a binding contract that usually can't be changed.

– When you refinance your home or put any kind of second mortgage on your home, you will be given three business days to cancel the deal. If the documents weren’t explained to you before they were signed, this gives you a second chance to make sure there are no nasty surprises down the road. And remember that a refinance is NOT always the best way to eliminate other debts, and can sometimes lead to the loss of your home.

Give us a call. We can almost always meet your need for a timely review of these documents.

Probate Law

When we use the term “probate,” we are talking about the planning for the end of life, as in the drafting of a will; a “living will;” a power of attorney; and other documents, as well as the process in the probate court for the admission of wills. Probate courts also have jurisdiction over the care of persons who are unable to take care of themselves, as in guardianship and conservatorship.

So much has been written and publicized about “avoiding probate,” when in truth it should not always be avoided. For the small and moderate estate, the so-called “death tax” is all but eliminated. Planning for the costs of nursing home care is a bigger concern for many, and the “living trust seminar” approach that gets much advertising space can be a waste of time and money.

At Dixon & Brooks, P.C., we will try to demystify the probate process for you. We will try to identify the planning documents that you actually need, and will not try to sell you anything else. When it comes time to go to the probate court, we can either handle the whole thing for you, if you wish, or let you do it yourself and give you only as much help as you need. The probate forms have been made very user-friendly, but there are still a few stumbling blocks for even the well-educated layperson.

Although Dixon & Brooks, P.C. can meet most of your family legal needs, like your family doctor referring you to a specialist, we will identify when you need to go to a lawyer who is familiar with complicated areas of the law.

If we can’t do it and do it well, we will help you find the right lawyer who can.
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